Starting the new “diet”

I try to find foods my whole family will love. You too??? We have a two, four and fifteen year old right now. My husband and I jumped on the Keto bandwagon so of course the first thing I did was lots of research to see if I could even do it. Because I LOVE bread. And pasta. And bread. Basically any carb that is a no-no in Keto, that’s what I love! So I knew for me to be able to have a fighting chance at this working, I had to have a plan. So plan I did! I wrote down recipes, I made my Pinterest board. Check it out just in case you need some ideas.

I worked to create a calendar that we could use for dinner ideas. Did you know there are all kids of weird (meaning I’m not familiar with at all) ingredients to create yummy looking Keto friendly recipes? Me either. So I got rid of all the ones that I couldn’t find the ingredients locally.

My mom has been doing Keto for years due to health reasons, so she is a great resource for me. She is hard-core Keto/Paleo, so her diet is even stricter than I was ever planning to be. Friends have done it earlier in the year, but not stuck with it fully. My hubby and I, we were going to be all-in for at least two months, just to see what happened.

Not our first diet, but one of the first times I have set a time frame versus the usually ‘when I lose X amount of pounds’ diet. We are just over one month in, and it’s not near as hard as I thought. What helps the most is a supportive partner, and family who knows (and understands) what you are trying to accomplish.

I will post our favorite recipe next… Pecan Pie Cookies, yum!

Spectacular Savanna

I started a new project. (Insert forehead slap here) I couldn’t help it! I saw this project on somebody’s blog about market. Then I got this *brilliant* idea to ask if I could make this sample when the pattern came in. For some reason, I thought the pattern was coming out in July or August. Nope, it’s already out. So I volunteered to make it.

Thank goodness I am only making 4 of the animals. I have to finish a secret project queen size quilt soon too. With piano key borders. Ugh. I suppose I should get going!

Happy stitching!

Here we go!

I’m so excited (and a little nervous) to start a blog. I want to keep track of all of my creative projects throughout the year without bogging down friends on Instagram or Facebook with posts they don’t care to see. On a positive weather note, we finally have flowers blooming!

Plus, I can remind myself about our family’s crazy daily happenings years from now! Like today, when the Littlest came home in a long sleeve t-shirt and diaper. No pants. Because he did ‘something’ to them and our daycare is so awesome, she is washing them so she has a new spare pair at her house. I mean, how funny watching him run to the mailbox to get the mail in a diaper. The neighbor stopped mowing his lawn to stop and smile… How can you not smile at chubby little two year old legs running as fast as he can to reach the mailbox first?